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Zhao x Hahn, you know you like it!

Two Spirits, parts 1-5

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Zhao x Hahn, you know you like it!

Two Spirits, parts 1-5

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rufftoon has drawn a wonderful AU comic about Zhao, called Water Tribe, wherein the Ocean Spirit saves Zhao's life. He ends up living among the people of the Northern Water Tribe, but with no memory of the man he used to be. In case you have not read her comic yet, it is posted over at No Self Control on Deviant Art.

"Two Spirits", an AU of rufftoon's AU, is set in the same universe, and is based upon the supposition that Hahn also survived. His life, however, was restored to him by the Moon Spirit. Hahn finds himself inexorably drawn to the man who was saved by the Ocean--but Zhao is also the man who killed him.

Here are parts 1-5 of the completed "Two Spirits", which I posted in my journal at different times. There's also a bit of art in these posts, as an added bonus.

Title: Two Spirits (parts 1-5)
Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender (Water Tribe Zhao AU)
Pairing: Zhao/Hahn
Rating: 13+

Part one | Part two | Part three | Part four | Part five

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